Foreign universities-partners

For today the faculty has agreements in force on the general scientifically-educational-methodical activity with following foreign higher educational institutions:

  1. Technical University of Gabrovo (Bulgaria).
  2. Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg (Germany).
  3. The Technical University Dresden (Germany).
  4. The institute of metal-cutting machine-tools of Shtutgart city university.
  5. Lublin University of Technology (Poland).
  6. Czestochowa University of Technology (Poland).
  7. Okayama University (Japan).
  8. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Belgrade University (Yugoslavia).
  9. Togliatti State University (Russia).
  10. Chzhenzjansky university (China).
  11. Gomel State Technical University named after P.O. Sukhogo (Belarus).
  12. State Institution of Higher Professional Education «Belarusian-Russian University» (Belarus).
  13. Tallinn University of Technology (Estonian Republic).
  14. Warsaw University of Technology (Poland).
  15. Vrotslavsky university (Poland).
  16. Petroshansky university (Romania).
  17. Politehnica University of Bucharest (Romania).
  18. The British company Delcam plc (Great Britain).

Continuous communications with the higher technical educational institutions of the CIS countries within the limits of an exchange of the scientific and technical, uchebno-methodical information, to the general participation in the international scientific conferences and seminars are supported.

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