The international scientific cooperation

      Science officers MMI actively co-operate with abroad. So during the current year according to the contract on performance of scientific and technical works on designing, manufacture, assembling and to installation test, for magnetically abrasive processing (MAO) final cutting the tool from April, 01st in 2007 № 840/1200-3 with firm ZOM Oberflachenbearbeitung GMBH (Germany) – is developed the design documentation on installation for magnetically abrasive polishing of the final tool on the basis of vertically milling machine tool. Process research magnetically abrasive processing hard-alloy the final tool is executed. In the conditions of the customer start and adjustment of the issledovatelsko-industrial machine tool for magnetically abrasive processing of the final tool is spent. Мachine-tool is led to industrial use

     Employees of chair DPM and SM have made the contract on the general WTZ the project with German Otto-von-Gerike university Magdebourg (Germany). Research work «Forecasting of damage of laboratory centrifuges»

     Prof. S.M.Shukaev has won the grant of the European commission in support of participation in the international Forum «ICT 2010″ which has taken place in Bruxelles on October, 27-30th 2010р.

     The prof. Majboroda V. S, within cooperation with university the Otto-fon-Gerike, Magdebourg, has read 3 lectures for students of mechanical engineering institute of university (a theme of lectures “Methods magnetically abrasive treatments the cutting tool and details of difficult spatial forms in the conditions of weak magnetic fields”), senior lecturer Kovaleva L.I. – 2 lectures (a theme of lectures “Modelling of processes treatments and methods of the automated designing of the cutting tool”).
In 2010 certification Body threw, woodworking the equipment and mechanical engineering production, spent works on certification of a batch production with inspection of manufacture and control systems of quality of manufacturers of such countries:


  • RUP «Molodechno Metal-Structures Plant», metal constructions
  • “Mogilevliftmash”, woodworking machines, winches
  • RUP “MAZ” «Factory Mogilevtransmash», automobile cranes
  • VAT «Belshina», pneumatic tyres

Great Britain

  • “Linde Material Handling, UK LTD”, loaders


  • “Construcciones Metalicas COMANSA S.A.”, Cargo cranes
  • “САМАС”, loaders
  • “LANIK I, S.A.”, laminated products from wood


  • “Fapim S.p.A.” , accessories for windows and doors


  • “Manitowoc Crane Group”, Load-lifting cranes
  • “CHANGSHA ZOOMLION …”, cranes automobile, caterpillar
  • «BEIJING WHITE LIPS DEER PARKING EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURE CO.» LTD, systems of a parking with elevating devices for cars


  • „REMS-WERK”, machine tools, oils
  • „SAF-HOLLAND”, autospare parts
  • „SAF-HOLLAND Verkehrstechnik GmbH”, autospare parts
  • “Linde AG”, loaders
  • «Wincor Nixdorf…”, safes
  • “Konecranes Hafentechnik GmbH”, spare parts for the load-lifting technics
  • “WOLFFKRAN GmbH”, tower cranes
  • «PFEIFER SEIL-UND HEBETECHNIK GmbH», ropes steel and slings


  • “WIX-FILTRON”, filters
  • “Dolezych Sp.z.o.o.”, slings


  • «LIV HIDRAVLIKA», loaders, winches


  • “Konecranes Heavy Lifting Corporation», the lifting and transport equipment
  • «Koneсranes Standard Lifting Corporation», the lifting and transport equipment


  • “Diebold Cassis Manufacturing”, safes
  • “Fenwick Linde”, loaders
  • “MANITOWOC”, load-lifting cranes
  • “ЕМI-СONCEPT”, Hardware



     Scientific cooperation of chair MPM and РТ with Lublin politekhnika (Poland) proceeded. Results of the general researches are published in 5 articles.
Under the direction of the prof. Kovalenko V. S the chair, scientific research institute LT and Т НТУУ and the Laser centre of Dzhendzjansky Technological University (DTU) signed the new frame cooperation agreement in laser technology which is confirmed by Dzhendzjan Province Government for a period of the following of 5 years. According to the previous contract between NTUU and DTU there were given grants to three employees (to V.Kovalenko, M.Anjakin that R.Zhuk) for carrying out of the general researches in DTU. During last business trip of the prof. V.Kovalenko to Hangzhou in October 2010 the new agreement on following researches in branch of development of laser strengthening technology is signed.

     On granting of a management of Parma University (Italy), since June in 2010 there is begun a spadework for performance of the general international project «Laser remote diagnostics reliability of connection of materials of paints of ancient frescos with a surface which is covered by wall painting of ancient buildings».
Under the direction of prof. Krivtsuna I.V. are carried out:

  1. The general project DFG (German Research Society) RE 2755/33-3 “Entwicklung eines selbstkonsistenten physikalisch-mathematischen Modells des Energie-, Massen und Ladungstransfers im System Tropfen-anodenschicht-lichtbogensaule beim Metall-schutzgasschweisen” (01.04.2010 – 01.04.2012).
  2. The general project of basic researches DFFD-RFFD (the State fund of basic researches of Ukraine – Russian fund of basic researches) № Ф28.7/028 “Modelling of processes warmly and mass-transfer in a bath fusion, steam the gas channel and a plasma torch at laser welding with deep melting” (01.06.2009 – 31.12.2010).

     Since 2004 year MMI co-operates with machine-building firm SCHUNK GMBH & Co. KG (Germany). Within the limits of the contract on cooperation the international competition for the best student’s work in machine-tool construction branch is organised and held.

     Within the limits of the contract on scientifically technical cooperation between mechanical engineering institute NTUU «KPI» and the Gomel state university of V.Suhogo (Belarus) the exchange of the scientific and technical information is carried out, the exchange of students and participation in the robot of scientific and technical conferences is spent.
D.t.s., prof. Gavrish A.P. and asist. Melnik O.O. together with employees of chairmetal-physics IFF Influence of technology of synthesis and finishing processing on optimisation of properties of composite antifrictional materials on the basis of nickel and copper »take part performed by International agreements № М/215-2009 (Poland)«. Performance term: 2010-2011
The item викл. Gladsky M. М (chair TM) takes part performed by 2 international projects 7 Framework programmes ЕК: BS-ERA.NET:

  1. Networking on Science and Technology in the Black Sea Region;
  2. IncoNet EECA: S&T International Cooperation Network for Eastern European and Central Asian Countries..

With university „Vrotslavsky politekhnika” (Poland) in coordination the program of the general scientific and technical researches in branch machatronic.

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